Data Flares

a software solution for simulated consumer behavior on the internet, achieving Privacy through Confusion

Giving the people back the power over their own data by hiding it in simulation

Have you ever clicked on “accept” on a privacy question ? Well, congratulations - You are being tracked ! But whether we like it or not, we are all constantly tracked - not just by cookies alone. Almost everything you do online, ranging from search history, mouse movements, typing behavior, meta data to Facebook likes and more can be and is being tracked.

While surfing online, Sarah and Paul here are no exceptions to this. Let’s look at their situations and how Data Flares makes a difference !

What happened to Sarah ?

Sarah is surfing on the Internet and is being tracked. We know she was on a gynecologist’s website and googled the phone number of a "Dr. Murphy". 15 Minutes later, she visited a domain called

Knowing nothing but her surfing history: take a wild guess - what happened?

Sarah got pregnant. If we can make this conclusion from such little information, imagine what private details data companies know about you, having almost infinite time and data sets to learn from.

Then, the data might be saved, analyzed and used for a wide variety of purposes. In the best case it will only be used for targeted marketing. But it can also be used for behavior analysis, manipulation or even political influence. On top of this, your data could get publicly exposed in a data breach or sold to third parties. Money is made with your personal information.

What is Paul's favorite sport ?

Well, what can we do about all this? There are many existing approaches, most of them try to disable tracking. We thought instead: what if we flood the analysts with additional data?

Our solution: a browser plug-in that simulates consumer behavior in order to distract behavior analysis – Data Flares. We want to give the people back the power over their own data by hiding it in simulation – an approach that hasn’t been seen before.

Let's look at Paul's example. Paul's favorite sport is basketball. But unlike Sarah, Paul is using Data Flares. While Paul is looking for basketball online, Data Flares is looking for baseball, golf and cycling. Now, what’s Paul’s favorite sport? From a data perspective, you can’t tell anymore. The example might be oversimplified, but in a similar way, we want to make data tracking and behavior analysis ineffective.

With Data Flares, we don’t care how good they track you; we simply create an impossible data base to work with.

Whether it’s a very private thing like Sarah’s pregnancy or a harmless fact like Paul`s favorite sport – your personal information is safe with us.

Data Privacy is a concern for everyone. Having something to hide is not a requirement. Or do you leave your door unlocked ?

GROW 2020 / 2021

It was a blast! GROW is the student founding contest by PionierGarage of KIT. We are honored to end up winning. Watch our 3 min. pitch from the final below!

"GROW, the student founding contest in Karlsruhe, is aimed at helping student entrepreneurs to get the right experience, knowledge and network to found their own company. There are no requirements; some teams start with nothing but an idea and others are already working on their prototype. We value progress; it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you GROW. At the end you can get the chance to pitch your progress in front of 500+ people including an experienced jury and may win one of the prizes from our prize pool worth over 8.000 €."

For more see

"We value your Privacy" - biggest Lie on the Internet

The Team

We are Dan and Phil and we are the team behind Data Flares. Dan is allergic to peanuts and Phil loves bungee jumping. Well, this is both not true but it could definitely be, and this is exactly the idea of Data Flares - privacy through confusion.

Dan's affinity for megatrends theory provided the idea base for the co-creation of Data Flares. He has a background of working for a market leading software company and knows the daily struggles of data privacy first-hand.

During his international experiences, Phil understood data privacy as an issue which concerns everyone. Data privacy is truly a global challenge. His previous work on random algorithms and simulation in his studies will come in handy for Data Flares.

Any questions or ideas ? Say Hi !

We appreciate any idea, info or question and are happy to answer and reply. Feel free to reach out to us via LinkedIn, E-Mail or the contact formula below.


Is data privacy a relevant problem?
48% of internet users expect data abuse - 30% have already been victims.
87 million Facebook profiles were analyzed at Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018. 230 million people exposed at Marketing firm Exactis in 2018. Short answer: yes, it is.

So why not just disable tracking in the settings?
Well you can - but first, some websites become unaccesable
and second - how are you sure you are not tracked anyway? Do you trust the internet companies enough with that?

How about minimizing tracking?
This is the common approach. But blocking tracking is difficult. The software that blocks is always in competition with the one that tracks.

So flooding with simulated data is better?
We think so! By this, we don't care how good they track or analyse.
We simply give them an impossible data base to work with. This way, they might come to conclusions about you, but they will be wrong.

Why should I trust you in this?
You shouldn't! We encourage you to educate yourself on the topic and come back if you want to. We will be here!

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